More About Me

Local Knowledge

I am proud to call Mason County on the Olympic Peninsula my Home. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to raise my family here. As a lifelong resident of both Grapeview,Allyn and Belfair, I have a deep connection with the area and it's people. No One knows North Mason & Kitsap County like I do!

My Team

My Daughter, Emily is my business partner and teammate in our professional career and in life. Together we are "THE POWER OF 2." This tag explains our career and relationship perfectly. We are both very much "Type A" personalities, however, we have a very different set of specialties that complement each other impeccably. Emily, is very organized, ambitious, focused and concerned with time management. Therefore, she handles all paperwork, emails, deadlines and record keeping. She personally sees every transaction to a SUCCESSFUL CLOSING! Each transaction takes dedication and perseverance, and she's got it.

I, on the other hand am the "Social Butterfly", which if you know me, may be an understatement. I am blessed to say that social sphere, local network and global connections is quite extensive, which thankfully is a wonderful resource in Real Estate. I am passionate about people and life. I have worked in customer service my entire life and most will say that i bend over backwards to provide you with the best service in my power. Whether you are a buyer, seller or a friend, you will be treated with the same amount of effort, passion and dedication to ensure you are provided with the best, 24/7... literally. Emily also calls me the problem solver. I use each and every reference in my sphere until we have a solution or an answer. Your success is our success!!


My Company

Our Company is amazing. Locally and Nationally. We should really be the "Power of 3," as we have Windermere on our team. Windermere provides us with the highest quality tools, references, training and assistance to provide you with the highest quality of service throughout each phase of Real Estate.

Let the "Power of 2" and the Power of Windermere work for you!!